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The Liminal Sense

The Liminal Sense

Selected and presented at Forecast Forum, Berlin. This proposal was part of 18 selected projects from a pool of 600 applications from 100 countries. Mentored by experimental voice artist Rully Shabara, this project is a sonic exploration (work in progress) into notions such as Otherness, marginality, boundary, and the body in the Indigenous-culture spaces of West Bengal.


How and why do these spaces come to represent the Other? Using field recording and conversation with indigenous communities this project seeks to investigate the role of the human voice in Indigenous traditions. The Liminal Sense will meld different dialects, music, sound, text, and poetry to reimagine a space and time which was once brimming with creative impulses and rich heritage, and is now on the verge of extinction.

Coming soon is an album comprising of these language sounds and field recordings of human voice from indigenous cultures in West Bengal, India

Full Video: Click here

Duration: 20 mins

Year: 2022

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