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Marginal Sculptures

Marginal Sculptures

'Marginal Sculptures' is a sonic interpretation of Ramkinkar Baij's artworks and sculptures. Ramkinkar Baij was one of the pioneers of modern art and sculpture in India and later his works have been critically appreciated and acclaimed by people all over the globe. So this project is a tribute to his works and life. We have carefully chosen few of his artworks and sculptures and then tried to observe and understand them deeply. Then we delved deep into the process of interpreting them in the sonic realm.

Jenna Sears is an educator, poet, and vocalist whose work specializes in community music, queer theory, and arts-based research practices based in Ireland and the United States. They have a B.M.E/B.M. in Music Education and Voice Performance from Indiana University. Recently completing their M.A. in Ethnomusicology at the University of Limerick, they studied the impact of community-led soundscapes during the Covid-19 pandemic. As an educator, they design music curriculum focused on aspects of mutual aid and social inclusion. Sears is also an active poet and vocalist, and performs locally. Their creative themes include power, love, bodily expression, and color. They have self-published two books of poetry, Concrete Catalysts and Aimless Steps and are working on a third book, Wanderer, to release shortly. They are also currently working on their first album, Water Down the Earth.

Pratyay is a sound artist, composer, researcher and poet interested in electroacoustic composition, acoustic ecology, voice art and interdisciplinary performance. He is specially interested in developing sonic arts practise to enhance the dialogue and action relating to preservation of natural environments and climate change. Recently, he has completed a master’s in Composition and Creative Music Practice at the Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, Ireland. Though he completed his graduation in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (in India) and worked in the corporate sector for six years, his passion for music, sound and creativity has made him choose this path for the next part of his life. Poetry has a very special place in his existential canvas and he tries to articulate his ideas through sound and poetry. He has self published a poetry book named 'Countless Mirrors' in Ireland. In the past six years, he has worked in collaboration to create music and sound for theatre productions, short films and documentaries. He has also featured live in many performances in his home city Kolkata. 


Voice, Improvisation and Poetry: Jenna Sears

Percussion sounds: Tanmoy Pan

Concept, Sound Design, Mixing: Pratyay Raha

Co-design, Re-mix, Mastering: Rana Mondal

Cover Art: Sancharini Mitra

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