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The Indian Sonic Research Organisation (Bangalore)

Pratyay Raha - The Indian Sonic Research Organisation

As a part of the artistic residency from 2nd February, 2023 to 6th May, 2023 at The Indian Sonic Research Organisation, Pratyay Raha was involved in multiple artistic activities and events.

1. Pratyay did field recordings in different parts of Bangalore with German sound artist Katrinem to understand the sonic dimensions of Bangalore City

This recording was made by Pratyay Raha and Katrinem

Katrinem spent her time in Bangalore exploring the sounds of a broom. She also worked with students and artists in Bangalore to explore a collective, auditory project. This particular recording was made in Malleswaram by Pratyay who tried to capture her improvisation with the broom with a binaural microphone.

The examination of sound and space is an integral part of Katrinem's work. For over 12 years, she has been investigating through her artistic research, the walkability of cities and its associated spatial perception.

2. Pratyay carried out underground field recordings at Cubbon Park Metro Station, Bangalore

Track 1: Platform sounds consisting of announcements, trains and people moving and speaking.

Track 2: Entry and exit gates, beeping sounds, gate opening/closing

Track 3: Recording of a drone like sound of a particular machine

Special thanks to Yash Bhandari from Art in Transit for his assistance.

Release date:

5 March 2023

3. Pratyay led and facilitated a listening session on conflict and frictions at Goethe Institut Bangalore on 1st April, 2023 marking a beginning of a series of listening sessions by TheISRO

'Dialogues and Frictions' is a sonic journey through the ideas of friction and conflict imagined, recorded and presented by various composers around the world. Here conflict can be seen as external (social, political, cultural) or deeply internal (personal, psychological, psychosomatic) or open to radical imaginations and possibilities.

4. On 6th May, 2023, Pratyay presented his first multimedia installation at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore on the basis if his Acoustic Ecology project in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forests

In his latest work, composer Pratyay Raha from Kolkata unveilsan immersive eight-channel audio installation that excavates theenigmatic Sundarbans. His sound piece transcends the mythical notion of the Sundarbans as a land of mangroves, tigers and crocodiles, saltwater and brackish water, islands, and estuaries. With the aid of cutting-edge technology like surround sound, he used his time as a resident artist at TheISRO (The Indian Sonic Research Organisation) to masterfully transform his painstaking research into a haunting and ghostly presence that draws the viewer to the Sundarbans.

– Yashas Shetty (curator and director of TheISRO)

Apart from these main events and works, he assisted in 3D sound set up, social media and mail campaigns, sound setup in live performances and meeting other artists as a representative of TheISRO

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