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ICST (Zurich)

Pratyay Raha - ICST Zurich

As a part of this ICST-ISRO residency, Pratyay Raha worked on a compositional methodology prototype using concepts from critical theory (object oriented ontology) and ecoacoustics. He worked with various ambisonics tools, field recordings and audio programming to experiment with ambisonic soundscapes

Pratyay worked and trained on ambisonics under the expert guidance of teacher, researcher and composer Johannes Schütt.

Johannes is a veteran researcher-composer in the field of Ambisonics technology. The learnings and discourses on Ambisonics with Johannes were major highlights of Pratyay's residency at ICST. During the end of his residency, he did an informal conversation with Johannes on his journey as a composer and the evolution of ambisonics in the history of music and sound. The link to that interview session is provided below:

During the beginning of his residency, he got the opportunity to meet and interact with Sarah Duffy (She was artist-in-residence at ICST Komposition Studio). Sarah Duffy is an interdisciplinary artist based in London whose work spans performance, video, sound and installation. During the ICST residency, She was working on an ambisonic composition that will eventually form the basis of an immersive audio visual installation and an accompanying live performance.

During the end of his residency, Pratyay also got the opportunity to interact with composer and conductor Valerio Sannicandro.

From the website of ICST

The ICST music discussion on the topic of “Spatial formalization and its musical immanence” follows on from this interest: Based on his composition “Ius Lucis” (2006/2007) for two ensembles in two rooms and other spatially organized works, Valerio Sannicandro reflects on the possibilities of architectural formalization room According to Sannicandro, their use as a means of musical composition combines two spatial dimensions: that of the musical material and that of the perception of the acoustic phenomenon.

During his residency he got the opportunity to learn from composer and technologist Rama Gottfried

From the website Zhdk

As an artist and researcher, Rama’s work is deeply engaged with questions of symbolic representation in sonic and spatial media – working in areas of material theatre, spatial audio, and developments in computational performance of graphic scores.

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