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Artist Profile

Sound artist and composer interested in field recording, sound arts, soundscape composition, data sonification, electroacoustic composition, film sound, sound of language, virtual acoustics and interdisciplinary performance. Special Interest in developing art-science-technology models (based on sound) to enhance the dialogue and action relating to preservation of natural environments and climate change.  

Pratyay is an Indian artist who is interested in the practise of creative arts in an inter-disciplinary direction. Recently, he has completed a master’s in Composition and Creative Music Practice at the Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, Ireland. He wants to delve deep into compositional and technological research exploring newer areas of sound-movement-space-material-interactivity in the coming years. He is also interested in the exploration of performance space and conceptions of performance space to include the audience as part of the creative process. He wants to work in the area of sound arts, electro-acoustic music composition and an interdisciplinary application of musical and acoustic processes.


Though he completed his graduation in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (in India) and worked in the corporate sector for six years, his passion for music, sound and creativity has made him choose this path for the next part of his life. Poetry has a very special place in his existential canvas and he tries to articulate his ideas through sound and poetry. Carrying a rich legacy of poetry from his hometown Kolkata (India), his writing is inspired by the path breaking works of legendary poets from India and around the world.


In the past six years, he has worked in collaboration to create music and sound for theatre productions, short films and documentaries. He has also featured live in many performances in his home city Kolkata and across India.

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